Controlling Litter Box Odor with Litter Champ

controlling litter box odor When I first got my cat, everything seemed to go better than expected. He was already declawed, which may not have been my first choice, but it means I didn’t have to worry about scratches on the furniture. My cat was healthy and happy when I got him, and his previous owner was so grateful I was adopting him, she provided me with free food and litter the day I took him home.

I remember being nothing short of thrilled when I first got him. Everyone told me having a pet would be a challenge, but I remember thinking, “This is easy!” Cats clean themselves and require almost no maintenance. He was loving and affectionate–especially on bad days. Having Bowie in my life seemed to have no downsides.

I realized within a few days that there was one thing I wasn’t prepared for: litter box odor.

Because my cat was healthy, the odor wasn’t extreme. But even a normal amount of odor is still an odor. I realized quickly that I was either going to have to empty his litter box daily (even if it was hurricane season), ask guests to use the guest bathroom whenever they came over, or else live with the odor and embarrassment. Thankfully, I didn’t have to do either of these things because a coworker suggested Litter Champ.

How Does the Litter Champ Control Litter Box Odor?

I keep my Litter Champ in my bathroom near the litter box and I have been surprised at the difference it makes in controlling litter box odor . It is a medium sized container, not much larger than a normal bathroom trash can. It’s off-white color and sleek shape blends in perfectly with my bathroom decor.

There are so many reasons why I love my Litter Champ disposal system and the way in which it helps me control litter box odor:

– The Litter Champ has a triple sealing lid. This means that when it’s closed, it’s truly closed. No bacteria or odors can escape and cause my home to smell. Before the Litter Champ, I used plastic garbage bags. Even tied shut, if I didn’t throw it away outside immediately, the odor was able to escape. Most cat owners know this problem all too well.

– The Step and Drop system on the Litter Champ means it is completely hands-free. Because my hands are free, I am not struggling to hold things open and scoop at the same time. My previous method often resulted in spills or getting litter on my hands. Yuck! But the hands-free method is more hygienic and eliminates the potential to spread odor-causing bacteria.

– One of the worst parts about the litter box process is taking the waste outside to the dumpster every single day. I hate to admit that I would skip a day every once and a while because of rain or just plain laziness. This does nothing to help curb litter box odor. The Litter Champ has a large capacity container and because it holds in odor so well, I only need to empty it once every few weeks!

Now, Bowie and I are able to live in harmony, odor-free, thanks to the Litter Champ.

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