How to Handle Training Pad Disposal

training pad disposal Dogs have been called man’s best friend for hundreds of years… and for good reason. They are loyal and loving and want nothing more than to sit by your side after a long day or chase a ball in the park with you.

Raising a dog from puppyhood can be one of the most rewarding experiences you ever have. Seeing him or her grow and training them yourself creates a lifelong bond between you and your pup. Even though puppies can be a lot of work to train, dogs are exceptionally smart and you’ll find that proper training can be easier than you think.

The Problem With House Training

That being said, house training your puppy can still be something of a challenge. Dogs naturally want to go outside to do their business, so training them against their instincts will take time and patience. One of the least fun parts about house training is the cleanup.

Training pads are a fantastic invention, used to give your dog a place to “go” without ruining your floors. They are easier to clean up than using a mop or paper towels; they just go straight in the trash. But even this system has its pitfalls:

– Say your training pad is in the living room and your trashcan is in the kitchen. That may be a long way to carry a dripping training pad.

– Your average trash can may have a lid, but no seal. This means your kitchen may begin to smell less than pleasant.

– What if your dog somehow gets into the trash? (A bad habit of many puppies) Eggshells and banana peels are gross enough to have to pick up, much less a used week old training pad.

Luckily, there is one product that will help you handle training pad disposal in a much easier and more hygienic way.

How the Training Champ Helps You Handle Training Pad Disposal

The Training Champ is your way of streamlining and cleaning up the training pad disposal process. The sleek and unassuming design of the training pad means you can keep it anywhere. The best place: right beside your training pad! That way you simply have to step and drop, leaving no drips or tracks in between.

The canister can hold up to 7 gallons at a time, so you won’t have to empty it for weeks. The Litter Champ is child- and animal-proof and has a double-sealing lid. This means that there will be no unwelcome odor and your curious puppy won’t be able to get into it.

Getting a puppy should be a fun and rewarding experience. Eliminate one of the most stressful parts, and you can spend more energy playing and less time cleaning.

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