Is Litter Box Odor Inevitable?

controlling litter box odor Cats are the world’s most popular pet and usually the most clean. Cat owners love the fact that, unlike dogs, cats don’t have to be bathed or brushed on a regular basis. Felines are fastidious self-groomers; if you notice, after petting your cat, he will probably lick that spot a few times to remove whatever gross human germs you left on him. And unless they are too old or sick to do so, cats do an excellent job of burying their waste with litter.

Aside from feeding themselves (and even some cats can do that on their own), cleaning out the litter box is the one thing cats need you for. That being said, most cat lovers have subscribed to the idea that the litter box always being an annoying source for odors and bacteria is just a fact of life.

Luckily, these people are mistaken.

Let’s explore the many ways to control litter box odor once and for all.

Litter Box Odor Can Be Under Your Control

Here are some every day and easy ways you can conquer litter box odor.

1. Pick the type of litter you use carefully. Clay-based clumping litters can block odors best and are more eco-friendly. They trap bacteria at the source to eliminate odor.

2. Litter deodorizers – like simple baking soda – can be added to curb the smell in a natural way. Avoid sprays and air fresheners as they often just add to smells and can irritate a cat’s sensitive little nose.

3. Place the litter box in a well-ventilated location that is still away from high-traffic locations in the house.

4. Look into carbon litter box liners. These innovative inventions just look like sheets of fine sandpaper. You place them at the bottom of the litter box and only need to be replaced about once a month. They are great for absorbing odors directly from the source.

5. Your cat’s diet may be contributing to the unusually strong smell of his or her waste. Nutritious food, free of fillers, by-products and things like wheat and corn are much easier on kitty tummies. If you notice that your cat’s litter box is particularly smelly, consult your vet right away.

6. Scoop daily. If the waste starts piling up, the smell will increase as well. This may seem like the most difficult and annoying step, but there is a fantastic solution that allows you to scoop every day, yet avoid daily trips to the dumpster.

Controlling Litter Box Odor with the Litter Champ

The Litter Champ is a remarkable yet simple product that allows you to dispose of used kitty litter in an easy and hygienic way.

One of the largest culprits of litter box odor is the actual disposal system itself. Think about it – you scoop the waste out of the box and drop it into a flimsy plastic shopping bag. You then have to tie that bag up and bring it outside to the dumpster. Anything can go wrong during this process.

The bag could rip or move and used litter could spill onto the floor. This means your floor is now dirty and covered in smelly bacteria.  It could be raining or snowing or there could be a new Game of Thrones on and you may not want to go outside right then. Leaving the bag for tomorrow just allows the odor to permeate your home through the bag. Putting off cleaning out the litter box because of the hassle just allows waste to build up, and we already saw what that means.

With the Litter Champ, you simply drop the waste into the hands-free, triple-sealed container. No spills or slips means no messy floor. You don’t have to take it out until it’s full. And thanks to the large canister, lightly scented liners and odor-free design, you may last an entire season of Game of Thrones before having to empty the Litter Champ.

So, is cat litter box odor inevitable? The answer is a resounding “no.” There are many things you can do to combat odors in your home and the Litter Champ is at the top of the list.

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