Strength & Odor Control In the Palm of Your Hands

Dooty Champ pet waste bags provide a strong, leak-proof and hygienic solution for cleaning up after your pet.

No Clean Up Job Too Big or Too Small

Even the smallest of pets can produce the biggest of poops. Dooty Champ’s large size makes it easy to pick up waste from dogs of all shapes and sizes.


Strength and Odor Control At Home or On the Go

On your daily dog walks or at home for any dog, cat or other pet clean up, Dooty Champ’s lightly scented and18 micron thick bags provide strong, tear-resistant, odor-control and leak-proof protection.


Thickness: 18 micron
Color: Light Green
Scented: Yes (Baby Powder)
Biodegradable: Yes
Unit Pack Dimension: 5.7” x 4.9” x 2.6”(H)
(145 x 125 x 65(H) mm)
Bag Pack Size: 240 bags

Dooty Champ

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