Why Cat Lovers are Flocking to Cat Litter Disposal Systems

cat litter disposal systemThe world today is all about innovation. We live in a society of instant gratification. Everyone is always searching for the newest tool, resource, article or app to make our lives easier. Why do things by hand when they can be automated? Why do things the older, slower way when we can do things the newer, faster way? This way of thinking has extended from how we start our cars to how we order our food. But there is one area of our lives I bet you may never have thought of making quicker and easier: cat litter disposal!

For as long as we have kept our beloved pet cats indoors with us, we have had to cater to them. We bring them food and water, buy them toys and treats and, the least fun part, we clean up after them. Cat lovers know that cleaning out a litter box is probably the least fun thing you will do all day. From the smell to the pieces of litter that invade every corner of your home, “cleaning the litter box” is at the top of the cons list when it comes to owning a pet cat.

With the advent of cat litter disposal systems, however, all of these icky irritants can become things of the past. Let’s take a look at the main reasons why many cat lovers are choosing cat litter disposal systems to streamline the kitty cleanup process.

No More Odor

One of the most embarrassing things about having a pet cat is the smell that can come from the litter box. There’s almost nothing worse than when someone knows you have a cat before seeing him, just due to the smell alone.

Many of the best and highest quality cat litter disposal systems are specially designed to trap and lock odors in for good. They can do this in multiple ways that require little to no work on your part:

– A triple seal lid prevent odor-causing bacteria from leaking into the air of your home and contributing to odor.

– A larger canister and better odor protection means you have to open it less often in order to empty it. This means fewer trips to take the waste through your home to the outside garbage.

– Many cat litter disposal systems have lightly scented bags which will mask any odor that may happen to escape. And a pleasant light scent is better than no scent at all! Guests may even remark at how nice your bathroom smells, not noticing the litter box hidden away.

Sanitary and Hands-Free to Use

As if the odor associated with cleaning up a litter box isn’t enough, there’s the mess that comes along with it. Most traditional litter boxes require you to scoop the waste out of the container and into a flimsy plastic garbage bag. Studies show that your cell phone has 18x more bacteria on it than a typical public restroom toilet handle. That’s a lot of bacteria on something we view as relatively clean. There are no studies to prove it, but scooping poop must transfer just as much or more bacteria to your hand that holds the bag!

Luckily, there are cat litter disposal systems. The best ones are hands-free, allowing you to use a foot pedal to lift the lid and deposit the waste quickly and easily. Using a sturdy and sealed container for waste is much safer than using plastic garbage bags which are prone to rips and tears.

Cat Litter Disposal Systems are the Economic Option

Speaking of garbage bags, how many do you think you go through in a week emptying the litter box? A month? A year? Those bags can really add up and what they add up to is decades in a landfill.

A good quality cat litter disposal system saves you from having to constantly waste those bags. The best ones can store up to 5 gallons worth of waste before needing to be emptied. And if you do go for a cat litter disposal system, look for one that includes liners that are 100% biodegradable so you can do the planet a favor.

The Cat Litter Disposal System To Top Them All

It’s easy to see why cat lovers adore cat litter disposal systems. They solve almost every problem that comes along with kitty litter disposal.

If you are curious about investing in one of these cat litter disposal systems, you can’t do much better than the Litter Champ. It includes all of these features: odor-free and hands-free design, included liners and more. The only innovation left is figuring out how to get your cat to take the trash out instead of you!

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